Be more effecitve – with Better-Emails

Save time in Outlook

with twitter style #tags and medium style 'time to read'

Bringing the internet’s productivity to email

I’m Chris, and I’m building an Outlook Addin which brings the power of some of the internet’s coolest tools to your inbox. Including #tags, and ”time to read“ features which allow you to plan what you want to read, and for how long. Sign up for free and exclusive access to the latest releases, and development news.

Ever noticed how the internet has provided us with tools and tips for consuming the vast amounts of information it produces every day?

Medium’s Time...

From Medium’s time to read feature, which allows you to select the articles and blog posts you think you’ll actually have time to read.

Twitter’s Tags...

To Twitter’s #tag which allow you to categorise information, join conversations, search for and filter related content quickly and easily.

...Today’ Email Client...

Doesn't exploit any of the new functionality

But when we arrive at our day jobs we are presented with this:

... and Create Something New...

Email as a concept hasn’t really changed in the last two decades. Why don’t we do something about that?

I’m building a Addin for Outlook which adds-in these features:

Time to read

See how long an email will take to read. So you know what you’re spending your time on before you even open an email.


You can categorise your own emails as your write them, making them easily and instantly searchable for others. It also automatically detects and group emails you receive which contain #tags.

Together these tools will help you spend less time doing your emails; making your day more productive and fun. – Because let’s face it there are always things way more enjoyable than checking your work email!